The purpose of Baby Food: Digestible Concepts is to enlighten God’s people to who they truly are and to empower them with the authority that God has given them. To reveal the truth about faith both spiritually and scientifically. To share the methods that will enable them to fulfill their purposes and create the lives they were destined to have. In doing so, creating over flowing resources to sow into God’s kingdom, to greatly glorify God and prosper them!!!

A Paradigm Shift is Here!

After reading Baby Food you will:

  • Be Enlightened to who and what you really are
  • Watch your expectations grow from I can, to I should and I will
  • Think like God,  knowing that as God is ....You are
  • Understand that you too are Neo
  • Know how Faith truly works, spiritually and scientifically
  • Why Sickness is not just an aspect of life and not for you
  • Know that God always says yes...........You say No
  • Become emancipated from the bonds of mediocrity and lack producing condemnation
  • Create a generation of children who will understand that they are truly unlimited beings